Johnson Outboards - 2005 Johnson Outboard 150 - Great maintenance and the motor failed

San Antonio, Texas 0 comments

I recently blew the power head on a 2005 150HP Johnson outboard motor. The engine was maintained properly by a qualified mechanic and I personally kept up with all that I could do to keep my investment in tact. What a crock that a four year old $12,000 motor won't last any longer than that, with normal usage.

I was told that carbon had built up in the cylinders possibly caused by the type of oil used and/or long periods of idle. The comment was that not all TCW3 oils are alike. My thought is that if an engine can't work with all marketed TCW3 oils and can't idle for long periods of time without causing some type of internal damage then, Johnson Motors, why be in business selling engines?

Additionally, the word needs to get out about Johnson outboard motors and whatever other outboards have this type of shelf life. Kiss my rump, Johnson!

Review about: Power Head.

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